Features and Benefits of eClinical EMR Software

In this article we’ll discuss the features of eClinical EMR, a comprehensive unified medical record that incorporates EMR and Practice Management. We’ll also look at how easy it is to use, how it integrates with most EHRs, and whether it is HIPAA-compliant. And finally, we’ll talk about the benefits of eClinical EMR, as well as what it means for your practice.

eClinical EMR is a Unified System that Includes EMR and Practice Management

eClinical EMR is based on an integrated platform of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records. The software allows providers to integrate patient demographics, insurance, and personal health records. It also offers integrated features like Quick-Registration and integrated kiosks. Users also have the option to link family members to the patient record. The company also offers a mobile browser for physicians.

eClinical EMR is based on cloud technology and integrates with other health IT systems. It is also HIPAA-compliant and supports all EHRs. eClinicalWorks 10e is certified by the ONC and is cloud-based. The software supports electronic prescribing and billing, and also telehealth visits. It also supports iris recognition systems, barcode scanners, and other devices that can send and receive patient messages.

eClinical EMR can be a good option for smaller medical practices. Unlike large medical facilities, small practices do not need the ability to store tens of thousands of patient records. Moreover, most EMR vendors have specially designed templates for different medical specialties. Using a specialty-specific EMR system will facilitate doctors’ workflow.

It is Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of using an eClinical EMR is that it is easy to use. This software is designed to make it simple for physicians to perform many tasks, from scheduling appointments to reviewing images and labs. There are also several helpful features, including search for patients and alerts when two patients have similar names. It also organizes chart documents in a user-friendly way, displaying the most recent visit date, upcoming appointments, and images.

The system can also be used to provide virtual visits through Healow. Patients can access their data and communicate with their doctor’s office from the convenience of their homes. Moreover, eClinicalWorks offers free on-site training and conversion packages to help users adjust to the new software. While it is not a cheap system, doctors who have decided to switch to eClinicalWorks are pleased with its powerful features and customer support.

It Integrates with all EHRs

It can be difficult to select a single solution that integrates with all EHRs. Fortunately, there are several different approaches available. For example, some solutions require third-party integration or APIs to display requested data. Some of these options require a third-party content worklist or API, while others do not. The bottom line is that there are many benefits to using a single solution. Here are a few of them:

Integration of EHRs is a necessity for healthcare providers and patients. The advent of technology has changed the way data is recorded, and it can be lost if written records are not well maintained. EHR integration has provided healthcare providers with a way to improve care delivery and patient engagement. In addition, empowered patients and providers improve quality and cost-effective care. For example, EHRs that allow patients to see their records online will lead to better medication adherence.

It is HIPAA-compliant

An eClinical EMR must be HIPAA-compliant to protect patient information. It should meet the requirements of HIPAA, the federal health information privacy and security act. It should have an audit trail and must be able to meet HIPAA requirements, which is why most eClinical EMRs have HIPAA compliance as a core feature. However, if you are concerned about HIPAA compliance, there are other ways to ensure that you’re compliant.

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eClinicalWorks enables healthcare businesses to maintain HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records. Its HIPAA-compliant platform also allows managers to handle patient engagement and bookings. Moreover, it has a feature called PatientCalls, which integrates communication services and allows for 24-hour patient care. With the eClinicalWorks EHR, you can expect to reduce the number of paperwork and focus on the health of your patients.

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