Pros of NextGen EMR

Before implementing NextGen EMR, consider training your staff members on the various features of the software. This training program is virtual and includes training by an instructor via WebEx video conferences. Depending on the role of the staff, front office employees won’t need to learn the charting features. NextGen also offers self-guided learning materials. However, you may want to consider hiring an instructor if you don’t have the time or inclination to schedule staff training sessions.

User reviews

NextGen EMR has received a 79% user satisfaction rating from 3 recognized software review sites. Its user-friendly features and accessibility make it easy to learn. Since it is cloud-based, users can access their data from any location. Additionally, the software is extremely customizable and easy to customize. Overall, NextGen has received favorable user reviews from health care professionals. For more information, see below for some pros and cons of NextGen EMR.


NextGen EMR has a host of benefits, including ONC compliance, seamless interoperability, and integrated patient portals. It can also help prevent duplicate testing and referrals through Health Information Exchange (HIE). Additionally, it supports patient engagement through a Patient Portal. The NextGen EHR is easy to use and can be tailored to fit the workflow of ambulatory care practices and ASCs. In addition, it is available from anywhere and is mobile-friendly.


NextGen EMR is one of the top-rated EHR software systems. As an integrated IT solution, it’s possible to view the entire patient chart and report all relevant information from one central location. NextGen also facilitates quality automated reporting and adherence to commercial quality initiatives and regulatory requirements. Its expert consultants configure and customize the system to best fit your practice’s needs. Its flexibility helps you focus on patient care, rather than documentation.


Using UpToDate integration for clinical decision support is a great way to bring trusted clinical decision support closer to the point of care. UpToDate helps physicians and clinicians evaluate and manage lab results, enhance patient satisfaction, and provide a range of other benefits. UpToDate also offers CME/CE/CPD credits. NextGen EHR developers are available to help you get the most out of the integration.

Cloud Based platform

The Nextgen EMR has been available to medical practices since 1998 and is recognized among the top 100 healthcare technology companies. With the nextgen EMR’s Cloud Based EMR platform, you can use it on any device, anywhere. The Nextgen EMR Cloud platform offers various options for small practices, large practices, and hospitals. Some of the largest Nextgen users include Arch Health Medical Group, Arrowhead Evaluation Services, Associates in Dermatology, Walgreen Boots Alliance, Kootenai Health, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, and Northwest Hospital & Medical Center.

To Learn More About NextGen: Why to Choose NextGen EMR for Medical Practices?

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